Fan Favorite Friday #4 – Win a Noble Hierarch!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m coming at you from steaming hot Las Vegas as Team ABU prepares for the upcoming Grand Prix events!

As we mentioned earlier in the week, this Fan Favorite Friday was already pre-determined. Due to the Grand Prix this weekend, I didn’t have time for the normal voting process. So Dane and I came up with a plan: “Write about a fantastic card – and give a copy away!”

That Card is Noble Hierarch!

That’s right! This week I’ll be covering another one of my personal favorite Magic cards of all time: Noble Hierarch, and you can win one! You can get an entry to win by doing the following:

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  3. Snap a selfie with a member of Team ABU at the Grand Prix, post it to your Twitter, and tag @Team_ABU to get two more entries!

So why choose Noble Hierarch? Besides the fact that it’s an amazing card, it also happens to be one of my favorite cards I’ve ever played in the Modern format (and Legacy, now.) In fact, I’ll be playing a playset in the Modern Grand Prix this weekend! My first ever competitive Modern deck was BUG Infect, and I was just blown away by how awesome and versatile this card is. I took it to a Modern Grand Prix in Portland very early on in my Magic career. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had a blast!

I’ve played many variations of the deck since, and plenty of other modern decks, but I couldn’t help but dust off a new version of my old faithful for the Grand Prix. There are many reasons for the choice, which I’ll get in to in a later article, but getting to play my Nobles is one of the big draws!


Noble Hierarch was first printed in Conflux, which was the second set in the Alara Block (and the first set to have Mythic Rares!) It has seen one other actual set printing in Modern Masters 2015 and an additional printing as a Judge Foil. All of the printings use the same awesome art from Mark Zug. It was quickly found to be one of the best utility creatures ever printed and has since had an incredible impact on the Modern format.

What Makes This Card So Good?

First of all, Noble acts as an awesome mana dork that can tap for any of the three Bant colors. She only costs one green mana herself, so if you manage to play one on Turn 1, you’re getting quite the exciting ramp effect.

In addition to the mana production, Noble Hierarch comes with the exalted ability (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.) So not only do you get more mana, any creature swinging by itself gets a buff from her being on their side of the battlefield.

How’s that for awesome utility?

What Formats Is This Card Played In?

Of course, Noble can’t be played in Standard anymore (even though she definitely saw plenty of play), but she shines in both Modern and Legacy!

Noble currently sees play in 20% of the Modern meta’s decks! One of the biggest decks that it is seeing play in right now is Modern Humans, just like Dane wrote about the other week. Pair being a Human along with the mana and buffing abilities and you’ve got a potent piece of one of Modern’s current best tribal decks.

Noble also shows up in GR Eldrazi, GW Taxes variants, and basically anything that runs green and wants a good mana dork.

As I’m sure you can guess, Noble is also a huge component of my current UG Infect deck. She gives me more mana for casting pump spells, helps buff my little infect creatures, and is often one of the deciding factors in whether or not I’ll be getting an early win! One of my most common Turn 1 plays involves fetching a Breeding Pool untapped (getting the graveyard ready for Become Immense) and playing a Noble Hierarch.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if you looked up Value or Utility in my dictionary, you would probably see a copy of Noble Hierarch. I’m so excited to slam some down during the Grand Prix today! Don’t forget, we’ll be giving away a copy of a Modern Masters 2015 edition Noble Hierarch!

Come snap a selfie with me or any of my awesome teammates if you’re in Vegas this weekend – we’d love to see you!

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Joe Davidson is the Content Production Manager at ABU Games. When he's not playing Modern, Legacy, or following around Team ABU with a camera he's pursuing a BFA in Fiction at Boise State University. He loves Goblins, casting burn spells, and writing about Magic. You can find him on Twitter @MTGJoeD.