Welcome to M19: Welcome Deck Overview

M19 is just around the corner, and with all of the new and exciting cards and reprints that have been discussed, it’s easy to forget that of all the sets Wizards releases for Magic, Core Sets are intended to be as simplified as possible while still maintaining a high amount of player interaction as to enable the set to be a “jumping off” point for new players.

Luckily, we have five new Welcome Player Decks that will help new players learn the ins and outs of commonly seen Magic strategies, and for veteran players, an early taste of M19. I’ll be giving you a brief overview of these 30 card decks and suggestions on which decks to pick depending on your preferred strategies.

The White Deck

Play this deck if you enjoy:

  • to regain life you lose
  • to have a lot of creatures out
  • flying and vigilance

Key cards:
Dwarven Priest, Herald of Faith

The Blue Deck

Play this deck if you enjoy :

  • tapping (and keeping ) your opponents creatures tapped.
  • attacking with unblockable creatures
  • making your opponent re play their cards (“bounce”) then.

Key cards:
Frilled Sea Serpent, Sleep


The Black Deck

Play this deck if you enjoy:

  • Taking your opponents life total and making it yours
  • Killing creatures without having to block them
  • Zombies and bringing creatures back from your graveyard

Key cards :
Gravedigger, Murder


The Red Deck

Play this deck if you like :

  • Playing spells at instant speed
  • Creatures with more attack than toughness
  • Goblins and other creatures with haste

Key cards:
Shock, Goblin Motivator

The Green Deck

Play this deck if you like:

  • Blocking and developing mana for the first parts of a game
  • Big creatures that cost a lot of mana
  • Attacking through your opponents’ creatures with trample

Key cards :
Llanawar Elves, Ghastbark Twins 

Now that you’ve got an idea of what each of these Welcome Decks are up to, tell us your favorite in the comments, and come on down and play with these cards and all the other exciting cards (Nexus of Fate as a Buy a Box Promo? Bonkers Crucible of Worlds reprint? Crazy!) at our Open House or the prerelease next weekend! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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