PPTQ Enclave – Team ABU has a new member!

The Modern PPTQ season is upon us! Joe met up with two of our ABU team hopefuls at Enclave Games for the first Modern PPTQ of the season while the rest of the team focused on Standard testing.

There was 28 players total, and after some grueling matches, the two hopefuls made it to the very top! (Joe scrubbed out!) There could be only one, and after some intense play Bad Will beat out Gage for the RPTQ invite and spot on Team ABU. We’re confident that Gage isn’t far behind though!

Many thanks to Enclave Games for hosting and shout-outs to the awesome judges and players who were there today!

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Joe Davidson is the Content Production Manager at ABU Games. When he's not playing Modern, Legacy, or following around Team ABU with a camera he's pursuing a BFA in Fiction at Boise State University. He loves Goblins, casting burn spells, and writing about Magic. You can find him on Twitter @MTGJoeD.