Cool Stuff We Bought This Week!

Hello everyone! My name is Chris O’Berry, and I work in the buylist department at ABU Games. I’d like to welcome you to a new weekly series, ‘Cool Stuff We Bought This Week!’ I’ll be highlighting some of the awesome stuff we put into inventory at the end of the week, every week.

I’ve been a player and collector of this game for nearly a decade myself, with a great interest in Eternal formats, such as Modern and Legacy. In that time, I’ve developed a great appreciation for the history of the game. While I occasionally dip my toe into the waters of Standard, I currently enjoy getting together with friends and local players to jam some games of Legacy and 93/94 formats.

Since joining the buylist crew earlier this year here at ABU Games, I’ve had the chance to see and handle some wonderful pieces of Magic’s rich history. I still get a little excited to see what’s inside every time I open up a buylist package whether it’s a ‘greatest hits of Vintage’ or the Standard cards. Let’s jump in!

First up this week was a package that had two Unlimited Chaos Orbs!

Chaos Orb is one of the most fun cards available in Old School Magic. Flipping Chaos Orb onto a card for the destroy effect adds a fun dexterity element to a casual game of Magic that you just won’t find anywhere else. These, in particular, came in at Heavily Played, but would still find a good home in any 93/94 player’s library.

Next, we have a great smattering of Masterpieces and Invocations from the Kaladesh and Amonkhet blocks respectively. I didn’t personally process this buylist, but did get a chance to snap a picture.

That lottery card rarity makes opening up one of these in a pack incredibly uncommon, but seeing them amassed here like this was wild! Among my favorites are the Crucible of Worlds Masterpiece and the Entomb Invocation. Such great art, and very unique frames.

Quite a bit more uncommon are cards of this era. Here we have a fantastic showing of some Old School cards in Juzam Djinn, Candelabra of Tawnos, and Diamond Valley.

Aside from monetary value, these cards showcase the art style of Magic’s early years, as well as an insane power level. The condition of these cards was stunning as well. The Juzam Djinn, in particular, was near flawless!

The last thing I’d like to highlight this week is a piece of the Power Nine, Time Walk! This one comes in at PLD-SP condition but has a very good looking front. The camera does a lot to hide its age, but still, a wonderful piece of Power that would make a splendid addition to any Vintage Magic collection.

Funnily enough, this card was processed into inventory and sold within the hour! It’s pretty tough to keep these in stock, but understandable when it comes to Power.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Join me next week to see what comes in! You can follow me on Twitter @chroberry or Instagram @chroberry to see some extra goodies from the week, as well as previews for next weeks article. Peace!

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Christopher O’Berry is a 25-year-old Magic player in Boise, ID. He started playing at the release of Scars of Mirrodin in 2010. He enjoys Modern, Legacy, and draft formats the most, but really is just happy playing a Blue-Red deck of any sort. His career highlights include several undefeated finishes at FNM, and a Top 8 (of 9 in attendance) at the saddest TCG Player States event ever seen. He hopes to someday Day 2 a Grand Prix and brag about it to anyone who will listen.