- Creatures -

This deck is a very mid-range type deck that wants to control and land destruction your opponents out of the early game. The creatures we have chosen help us achieve those goals, and get us to that middle of the game where we can shine. Starting us off is Birds of Paradise. Birds helps us fix mana and ramp in this deck. We have a lot of double green and double black spells late in the game, we really just need the extra help early on. Dark Confidant is here to help us re-fill our hand mid to late game. We don't want to drop him too early because we will just kill ourselves. Tarmogoyf is great all around; he is both an early and late game MVP. Fulminator Mage is what this deck is all about. We want to destroy lands and Fulminator Mage helps us attack in for damage and destroy lands. Tireless Tracker is more of our mid game win con. He takes a bit to set up and really get going, but overall is a way to just out value your opponent. Last but certainly not least is Phyrexian Obliterator. This 4CMC power house is exactly the Golgarionza creature we want to cast, he does it all! 

- Planeswalkers -

Planeswalkers are the main win cons in this deck. Mid game is really where our deck shines as long as we can control and land destruction out in the beginning. Liliana of the Veil is primarily our win con, that is why we play 3 of her. Liliana of the Veil punishes our opponents creatures and hand with her -3 and +1 abilities. Her Ultimate late game can also help with our over all goals of out valuing our opponents. Liliana, the Last Hope if quite different from the other Lily. She protects herself a bit more by her +1 being able to make large creatures smaller or just killing small creatures. Lily's ultimate is game breaking with how much value  you get, it's very difficult for an opponent to come back from this ultimate. Garruk Wildspeaker is our final planeswalker in the deck coming in at the 4 CMC spot. Garruk both protects himself and helps us get to the mid to late game that we want to be in. If we can get enough creatures we can even use his -4 ability and Overrun the rest of the board for the win.  


In this deck we actually have more creatures than we do spells, but all of the spells we have chosen play their part. Fatal Push has and probably always will be a modern staple. It hits most early game plays, and even can help in the late game with its revolt trigger. Inquisition of Kozilek is a great early game spell to get our opponents early game cards in the grave yard. Then after we've gotten a viable target in the graveyard we use Surgical Extraction to value them out, both in hand and deck. We are playing Golgarionza though so what would this deck be with out some land destruction. Mwonvuli Acid-Moss is just one of the many land destruction options this deck has to offer. It also helps us ramp into bigger and better things. Assassin's Trophy is what really brought this idea to light. Being able to hit any target is just the type of card modern needed in these colors and CMC! These spells we have chosen help play a vital part in getting us to the mid game, where our deck does best.


We run 24 lands in Golgarionza, and quite a mix they are. We play 6 fetch lands, 2 Bloodstained Mire and 4 Verdant Catacombs. Fetches help in most situations getting us the mana source we need. They also help enable one of our win cons, Tireless Tracker. We play a few basics both Forests and Swamps just in case our opponent decides to Blood Moon us or Path to Exile one of our creatures. To help get our mana on track we play Woodland Cemetery which comes into play untapped if we have a Forest or Swamp out. We also play 3 Overgrown Tombs, which can be fetched, to get untapped lands into play. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth seemed like a correct choice to put into a deck that relies so heavily on black mana. We want to get our Phyrexian Obliterator out turn 4 if at all possible. Finally we play 1 Ghost Quarter, this hits all lands, and in modern sometimes you just need to put your opponents off their colors of mana. 


Our sideboard for this deck is fairly straightforward. We start off with a couple Fatal Push, this card is just so good against the creature match ups. Nature's Claim is another specific card for the artifact match ups, KCI and Affinity are two of the decks this would be brought in against. We have a 1 of Damping Sphere, this card just values out your opponents that want to play more than a couple spells a turn. We have 2 Scavenging Ooze in the side for the creature match ups, and match ups where we want things out of the opponents graveyard. Next up is Damnation we have 2 of these in the side to nuke the board when we need to. Planeswakers live through Damnation so we just want to get to that mid game and value our opponent out. Finally we have 2 Obstinate Baloth for those discard match ups, or the burn match where we want to gain life. 


So this hand at first glance is just a ton of lands and seems very un-keep-able. After looking a bit further at it Liliana of the Veil is one of our main win cons and we have the mana to play her, same with Tireless Tracker. I think this would have been a better hand if we had a Birds of Paradise or something that helped progress our early game a bit faster. We either need more disruption early on need to make plays a bit faster, playing a turn 3 win con here just feels bad. Without the knowledge of what our next couple draws will be I'd have to say that this is NOT a Snap Keep. 



Wow! This is a great hand that has basically everything we need. This Hand has a ton of early game interaction with our turn 1 Inquisition of Kozilek their hand, and possibly just fire off the Surgical Extraction right then depending on the land they used. Being able to use the new Assassin's Trophy turn 2 just seems great also, and the Fulminator Mage on turn 3. This is the Golgarionza hand we deserve! I would have to say our next couple draws would just be gas, and this would for sure be a SNAP KEEP!

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