Core 19 Store Championships at ABU Games!

Thirteen people came down to the shop today to battle it out for the title of Store Champion! Daniel Arehart took it down in the end with his mono-red Flame of Keld deck – congrats man! Thank you to everyone who came down, it was a great day full of awesome plays! What kind of content are you looking forward to most from us? What do you wish we were posting? Let us know in the comments below – we want to bring you the content you crave!

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Here’s Daniel’s List:




Lightning Strike x4

Viashino Pyromancer x4

Wizard’s Lightning x4

Goblin Chainwhirler x4

Ghitu Lavarunner x4

The Flame of Keld x3

Earthshaker Khenra x4

Soul-Scar Mage x4

Ahn-Crop Crasher x2

Shock x4

Bomat Courier x4

Mountain x19




Mountain x1

Chandra, Torch of Defiance x1

Hazoret the Fervent x3

Cut to Ribbons x1

Insult to Injury x2

Chandra’s Defeat x3

Abrade x2

Fight with Fire x1

Banefire x1

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Joe Davidson is the Content Production Manager at ABU Games. When he's not playing Modern, Legacy, or following around Team ABU with a camera he's pursuing a BFA in Fiction at Boise State University. He loves Goblins, casting burn spells, and writing about Magic. You can find him on Twitter @MTGJoeD.