Standard Mono-Black Control Bargain Budget Build

Curtis is back with another Guilds of Ravnica Standard Budget Build! Do you like running a flexible deck that can adapt to any situation? Do you like killing all of your opponents’ creatures and laughing as they stare at their graveyards? Well Mono-Black Control just might be the deck for you!


Some Spells

Some Artifacts and Enchantments



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Curtis Spivey is a 36-year-old Magic player from Nampa, ID. Curtis started playing magic during the Ice Age block in 1995. Primarily Playing in the Modern format , Curtis Loves all things Legacy and has found new love for brewing decks and playing under played standard card!. Curtis is currently an original team member of ABU Games avid lover of spending time with his family and playing all things magic the gathering. Follow Curtis on Twitter @TheMtGBeard and Instagram @Stricklynora