Modern UW Miracles Sideboard Guide

Modern is full of non-interactive decks that just like to goldfish with opponents, but if you are anything like myself you like to have a nice interactive game where you can slowly grind your opponent to death. I think one of the strongest parts of Miracles is the fact that it doesn’t have any matchups that are unwinnable. The deck is pretty 50/50 across the board where a really good pilot can add quite a few win percentage points in their favor. This deck requires a lot of games and this sideboard guide is only some of the ways I have had fairly good success with this deck. One of the strongest parts about miracles is it runs some of the strongest sideboard hate cards known to modern and can win games on their own.

First, here is the list I have been running:

Now, let’s look at how I board against some of the most popular decks in Modern!


I feel like Humans is one of your better matchups. With you having so many different 1 ofs it’s really hard for Humans to use Meddling Mage effectively. The one thing I would keep in mind in this matchup is to watch out for Aether Vial on 2 because they can respond to your Terminus miracle trigger by putting Meddling Mage in play naming Terminus in response. I would not recommend bringing in more than 1 Stony Silence in this matchup because drawing the 2nd copy is pretty much useless and you can still win without drawing it. However, it does make the game a little easier once you shut down Aether Vial.



This can be a very scary matchup game 1 for just about any deck, but Miracles is one of the few decks that can really give Dredge a run for their money in game 1. This matchup tends to go very late and most of the time I win game one by milling my opponent and running them out of win cons. The biggest thing to remember is to try and stay above 10 life because once Bloodghast has haste it’s pretty much over. Sideboard games give you a ton of help.


Bant Spirits

Bant Spirits plays out a lot like Humans except I feel like it is a little bit harder because Mausoleum Wanderer can counter Terminus fairly easily.


This is one of the most debated matchups I can think of. On one side, Tron players believe they are favored and on the other, Miracle players feel favored. I have been pretty lucky so far and haven’t dropped a game in competitive play against Tron. However, if built right this is a tough matchup. Just like everyone’s game plan against Tron we are trying to stop them from assembling Tron and then countering everything that costs 7 mana or more.

The Mirror Match

This is a matchup that I just recommend a lot of games against to truly understand. Generally speaking, the first person to tap out usually loses.

Jund/BG Midrange

This is a matchup I feel favored in, however, it can get scary very fast if they are able to drop an early Liliana or you do not have an answer to Bob. Generally your planeswalkers are better than their planeswalker and usually, it gets to a point where both decks are in topdeck mode. Luckily you have the better top decks!


This is strictly a race where they have to kill you before you can find Timely Reinforcements.

Hardened Scales Affinity

This is a racing matchup that can kill you out of nowhere if you do not know what you are doing. The one thing about this matchup is if Arcbound Ravenger is on board your 1 for 1 removal is not very good at all. I highly suggest countering every Arcbound Ravenger you ever see in your life.


This is one of the few matchups that you are severely unfavored in game 1. Game 2 and 3 get a lot better once you can control the graveyard.

Death’s Shadow

Now, this is a matchup I like to see not because we are favored but because it is a super fun interactive game and reminds me a lot of Legacy. This is another matchup like Jund where both sides do a pretty good job of disrupting each other’s game plans until it comes to top decks, but luckily again we have the upper hand with better top decks.


This matchup is all about removing creatures – you don’t really care about anything else. I tend to cast my removal during my own turn if I don’t have a counterspell instead of during my opponent’s turn because they have quite a few ways of giving creatures hexproof.


This is a matchup where if you can control Krak-Clan Ironworks Game 1 it ends up being a very easy matchup. In games 2 and 3 it gets a lot more complicated once they bring in Sai, Master Thopterist, however, you have some nice bombs yourself.

Titan Shift

I don’t find this one very difficult but some players say that this can be a hard matchup. Game 1 keep a counter for Primeval Titan and Scapeshift and you should be fine since you have 5 ways of killing their Valakuts between Field of Ruin and Ghost Quarter.

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Joby Parrish is a 29-year-old Magic Player based in Boise, Idaho. He started playing Magic: the Gathering in 2001 with the release of Odyssey. Joby career highlight is his top 8 at GP Oakland in 2010, along with this he has numerous day 2s at a number of other GPs. He has aspirations of playing on the Pro Tour and is well on his way to making those a reality.