Updating RG Ponza in Modern

With the release of Ravnica Allegiance just a couple weeks ago, we take our first look at updating Modern RG Ponza. With devastating effects like dropping turn two land destruction or a turn two Blood Moon, Ponza is a very fringe deck to be reckoned with. Ponza hasn’t quite had its time in the sun…


Do you like 8-Rack? How about Rats? If you answered yes to either of those, then Dane has the Snap Keep for you! He’s been hard at work developing this new deck and the results seem pretty sweet so far! Check out the video, and be sure to hit him up in the comments below!


Dane rallied the Boise Magic Facebook Community together to see what they could come up with involving Wizards and Burn – and the mighty WIZZURN deck was created! In this video, he guides us through the deck choices as we all get pumped for the Guilds of Ravnica release! What do you think? Let us


– Creatures -This deck is a very mid-range type deck that wants to control and land destruction your opponents out of the early game. The creatures we have chosen help us achieve those goals, and get us to that middle of the game where we can shine. Starting us off is Birds of Paradise. Birds